Monday, 12 August 2013

Office Overhaul Part 1.

I was so excited today.  I finally got my desk. I've been looking for one for a while now.  They where either perfect style and not so perfect price or just the right price and really wrong style.  But after looking at more desks than I can count, I put up a post on a Facebook buy and sell page that I wanted to buy a desk and the perfect desk came my way.  Yay!!
I gave it a good clean and polish.  It came up great!

So now I can finally organize all my office bits and pieces. I have only done the top draw so far. I lined the draw with pretty paper.  I arranged the containers in the draw. They are clear so the paper is visible on the bottom.  These are the same sort of containers that I have used in my ensuite and the girls bathroom. They are really versatile.  

So I've started putting a few things in the draws. I've got lots more sorting to do before it's finished.  So just a short post this time.  I will keep you posted as it all unfolds. 

Organized By... Renee

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