Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Extraordinary Made Out Of The Ordinary

I'm blown away some times by how creative people are. Here are a few ideas of things made out of very ordinary things.  Now they are definitely extraordinary. I love seeing things that have either been recycled or they were just plain boring and then given a new lease of life and just look beautiful.

Im totally in love with these shoe hangers I found on Epbot. I've always hated wire coat hangers. Probably from those wardrobes that are messy and the clothes are sort of hanging up on bent wire hangers. You get the picture.  But how cute are these? To look at how these pretty hangers are made have a look here.


This is probably the prettiest tin I have seen come out of one of those boring tins you can buy in the $2 shops. Tina Grey did a fantastic job making it come to life.  To see the whole process have a look here.


Jen from I heart organizing made these wonderful boxes for keeping all her office clutter under control.  You will never guess what they are. Go over and have a look here

Another great idea from Jen at i heart organizing. She is a clever lady. Once upon a time these were boring old cardboard boxes. Look at them now! They are gorgeous! To see how she did it look here.

Great job! I cant wait to make the shoe hangers. I hope you had fun looking though these and you got some great ideas to organize your home and make it pretty. What have you created that was once ordinary and has a life as something extraordinary? Please share!

Organized By... Renee

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