Saturday, 10 August 2013

Artwork Projects

Originally I wasn't going to do a blog post about this.  But I thought why not share it with you all. So please forgive me for not having any pictures of the process. I'm very new at this whole blogging experience.  I'm learning a lot as I go. This lesson is take pictures of EVERYTHING even if you think you won't need them.

I'm slowly working on different artwork to take the plainness away from this place. At the moment it's pretty much white walls everywhere. So one idea I saw ages and ages ago was a crayon canvas.  I loved it.  I thought that would look great in the playroom. 

So that is what I tackled first.  Now this is the first time I have ever attempted any artwork of any kind. But I was surprised how easy it was.  I bought a canvas and five boxes of crayons from the $2 shop.  And got to work.

I took off the paper on the crayons.  Then organised them in a rainbow across the top of the canvas and glued them on with a hot glue gun.

Next part I recommend doing outside.  Get the hairdryer out and melt. I was actually amazed how good it looked.  Someone has even told me that they would pay money to buy it. Im wrapped! I think my daughter was just as excited as me when it was finished.

The other thing that I've done is a growth chart for the girls. So when I move I can take it with me. And I wanted it to be decorative as well.  I got the wood board from the hardware store and it already was the right size. I gave it a light sand.  Then came three coats of vanish.  That took a while because I could only do one side at a time.  I did the back so there was a good surface to use the 3m command picture hangers so it would all stay on the wall. So this whole process ended up taking about 2 weeks.  Finally when it was finished I did the measurements.  I just used a black permanent marker. Then once that was finished I attached letter box numbers. And it's done.  I was so proud of myself for doing this one.  Im not really the best at painting things. Well I suppose I haven't done much painting before.

 I have a couple more things that I want to paint so watch this space.  How about you? What do you love or struggle doing?

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