Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Homemade Snack Box

Awhile back I saw this great little box that someone had created.  I thought I can make that and doesn't cost much. It's so in versersatile.  However many compartments you need.  So I decided to make one for snacks because there are always snack packets floating around my pantry.
So I found a carton that is pretty solid ( not one of the flimsy ones). Also got some cardboard to cut up for the dividers.  I cut the top off the box. You could make it as deep or shallow as you like depending what you are using it for.

In the first picture you can probably see the line around where I've cut around to give you some idea how far down its cut.

Next I cut up the cardboard for the dividers. 

Next I covered it all with pretty paper. It has to look pretty doesnt it? I used a glue stick and just cheap old wrapping paper. I found it's easier to cover the box with two long bits of paper crossed over. But glue the bottom in first otherwise if you start at one end it's a lot harder to keep it straight.

I also covered the dividers. I covered it with one peice of paper folded over one of the edges so when its all together it looks neat and tidy. 

Once everything was covered and trimed I cut slits in the dividers. Half way up one and half way down the other. I used sissors for this.

Then came the best part, putting it together. I slid the dividers together.

Once all the dividers were assembled I put it in the covered box.

I made up a label. I just wrote on some coloured paper and cut it out with some sissors. The kind of sissors with the funny shaped edge (not sure what their proper name is). If you can help with this I would love to know. I laminated this and stuck it on the front.

So there it is! This is not a 5 min project, well not for me anyway. It took me about an hour or so. But I loved doing it. It was lots of fun. I do love how easy it is for my daughter to get a snack out. How do you keep your snacks from floating around your pantry?

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  1. Visiting from I Heart Organizing!! Love this idea... I think I may just make one myself!! :)

    Kim @

  2. Well done! It looks great (and easy to make). I'd make this for lots of other things as well.