Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Love That Laundry

There is something about white and blue that reminds me of clean, fresh laundry. The colours are clean, crisp and fresh. So of course that's what I want in my laundry. 
Since I moved in here I've been eager to get the laundry organized.  The only storage is under the sink. I needed more but wasn't sure what to do.  I can't go putting up shelves as I rent. I don't think the real estate would be very pleased.  Then it came to me.  I would get one of those freestanding pantry cupboards. There was space next the washing machine. So I bought a flat pack and it's been sitting in my garage for a while now.  Finally the other day it got put together.  Once it was in place I nearly did a happy dance.  So much storage.  And then when I move I can take it with me. So the before picture is pretty bad. But I didn't have anywhere else to put anything. So it just got dump on top of the washing machine.

So I thought about what I needed to keep in this cupboard. And this is how it turned out. On the top shelf is shoe cleaning things to the left. Then in the basket on the right is spare clearing things like toothbrushes and microfibre clothes. Then under that is my cleaning caddy that I use to carry all my cleaning stuff around. It works great. Next to that is my iron. Next shelf down is laundry detergent etc. Behind that is a container with stock like fabric softener etc. Next to that at the back is the bleach and in front of that is prewash spray and laundry soaker. On the bottom shelf is buckets.

I only made labels for the top baskets. I made them plain blue as there is lots of details on the baskets. And of course I laminated them and attached them to the basket with a pretty ribbon.

So there is a much more pleasant laundry to work in. I actually like being in there. Is there a colour or smell even that reminds you of fresh clean laundry?

Organized By... Renee

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