Friday, 5 July 2013

Kids Bathroom

OMG! The kids bathroom. Where do I start?  This I think is one of the hardest rooms to keep organized. Firstly every night after the girls have had a bath it's like there has been a water fight in there.  Second my one year old loves to empty this cupboard on pretty much a daily basis. I don't mind as it keeps her occupied for a while. So to keep my work load down I keep the bare minimum in here.
I have thought about this cupboard for a while now.  I wasn't sure how to 'attack' it. The cupboard is the same size as my en suite.  Its quite shallow and doesn't have any draws.  So one great thing is that stuff doesn't get lost in the back.  I came in to get the girls bath ready and I looked at the mess which was getting worse each day.  Ok I'm sorting it out.  I can't take it anymore. I thought if I have a container for each sort of thing it should be pretty quick and easy to clean up every day.  Ok I'm pretty embarrassed to show this before picture, but yes this really is what it was like.  Yes that's a broken towel rail, the girls stool in the sink and dollies dummy.  Im hanging my head in shame.

Ok so I clear every thing out of the cupboard and on top.  I had a look around at what I had in the way of containers.  I lined up the containers. I have one for toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Next is a brush and comb. Beside that is the part I like the best.  I didn't know what to do with all the hair ties.  Then it came to me.  I was given this utensil holder years ago.  I've never used it because I don't like lots of things on my bench tops. But always kept it. One of those things that will 'come in handy one day'. This actually has. So I filled it with the hair ties.  It looks so pretty. And the I just hang the hair bands over the top. And if I need one at the bottom its easy to pull it out thr side. For smaller things like hair clips and elastics, I put them in a baby food container. This keeps them away from little mouths.  On the other side is tissues and toilet paper.

On the bottom shelf is moisturizer and body wash. Then in the little basket is shampoo, conditioner, and baby balsam. So my plan is that when the cupboard gets emptied and I have to clean it up.  All I have to do is throw the items in their containers and put them back in the cupboard. There isn't much in here so it should only take a minute. Anyway we will see how it goes.

Maybe that's the secret to keeping things organized with kids around.  Keep it simple and don't have a lot of stuff. What's your secret to keeping things organized with young kids around?

Organized By... Renee

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