Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Blissful Bathroom

Hi all! Don't you just hate it when you can't find anything and when you go hunting there are bottles being knocked over or things falling out of the cupboard?  Well recently I moved house. So just about every cupboard or draw is in much need of attention.  One cupboard in particular was my en suite.

One great thing about my en suite vanity cupboard is it's rather shallow so things don't get lost in the back.  But this does cut down on the amount of storage available.  It also doesn't have any draws. So I hunted around to see what containers I had. I always have some spare one's floating around.  I think every time I go into a $2 shop I walk out with a couple more.  Who can resist?
So I started by clearing everything out of the cupboard.  I gave everything a good wipe over.  Next I sorted everything out.  Tossing all the things that were no longer wanted or needed.  I really love purging.  Everything is so much clearer and less cluttered afterwards. 

 Then I got all the containers and just saw what worked as there was plumbing to work around. Once layout was done, I then sorted what items worked where. I used these great containers that work well on their own or they stack on top of one another. I put things in the three stacked that aren't used much. This really saves on space. In the top one there is everyday stock like new toothbrushes etc. Under that I've called it special skin care.  Things like exfoliating tools. Then there is dental which has like mouth guard and bleaching trays and also my contacts.  Next door is miscellaneous hair care products and sunscreen.  In front of that there is cotton buds and wax. Then there is make up. Next toothbrush , toothpaste and combs. Then in the last position is everyday skin care and hair products.  So thats the top shelf.

Ok for the bottom shelf from the left again.  There is girly stuff. At the back is small travel size tissues.  I always like to have one in my handbag. With kids there is always spills to take care of.  Then soap at the front.  Next along is all the smelly stuff, perfume and deodorant.  Then in last but not least is the toilet paper.  I keep it stocked in each bathroom. 

But of course it's not finished yet!  The finishing touch. .. labels.  So out comes the label maker.  I printed labels for most of the containers. Then I put these onto plain paper then glued that onto pretty wrapping paper.  Once that was done I laminated them to give them a bit of durability and of course to make them waterproof.  They were then stuck on with velcro circles.  This makes it easy to remove and change the label when the need arises. 

So I'm wrapped with my bathroom cupboard. Every time I go in there I open the doors just to have a peek. It sure has made things easier.  What tricks do you use to utilize all the funny spaces in your bathroom?

Organized By... Renee

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