Tuesday, 1 October 2013

All Hooked Up

Recently did a post about organizing my broom cupboard. I promised a post about my big green box that finally has a purpose.  Well here it is!

Years ago I was given this green box.  Until now it has never had a purpose before.  It's nearly been thrown out a few times. But I always kept it for some reason.  And I'm really glad I did! When I was sorting out all my spare containers mixed in with the mess was all my spare 3M command hooks and picture hooks. Really. .. how am I supposed to find anything? I have organized these in the past but obviously it hasn't worked. So I hope this will.

I gathered all the hooks and bits a pieces together.  Then put them into families. 
Because this box had been sitting for a while I took out all the dividers and gave everything a good wipe over as it was a bit dusty. 

Now the fun part! I put the dividers back in where they were needed. And put my hook families into their new homes.

Now as you can see its not just all hooks in here. The is also spare 3M command strips and spare key rings.  I know I have enough key rings there to last for the next 20 years.  But one day when we went down to bunnings they had a special going. I think is was $1 a packet (4 key rings in a packet). So we got a few packets. There really isn't anything worse than a stray key. So now I have them on hand for when the need arises.
Also in here you will see some little containers.  In these are picture hooks with nails that are quite sharp and small in size as well.  So I raided my collection of containers and found these. They are containers that came with dummies I have bought. Great for small things.

Now the only way this was going to stay organized is if it was labeled. So out comes the label maker.  I was going to put the labels straight onto the box but the green  colour is quite dark and I would have problems reading it. And that kind of defeats the purpose of having labels in the first place. And of course I wanted to make it a bit pretty.  It's a great box and very useful but it isn't pretty.  I did think about covering the bottom with coloured contact but that would mean a trip to the shops. I wasn't keen on that idea as the budget for this project was $0. Maybe I might do this at a future date. So really the only way I could pretty it up a bit was with labels. 
I cut out pretty paper into strips.  Then I put the labels onto the paper.

I just used sticky tape loops to stick them on. It costs next to nothing.

There it is! This will make hanging something up so much easier and more pleasant.  Do you have your spare organizing things organized?

Organized By... Renee

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