Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Pink Pink and More Pink: Girls Wardrobe

Having two girls there is a LOT of pink around here. But I don't mind at all.  It's such a pretty colour.
Well this morning was one of those times when I open a cupboard and think to myself ok today I'm organising this.  Do you organize on the spur of the moment? I do all the time. And this time it was my 1 year olds wardrobe. 

So I started by clearing everything out except the hanging clothes.  They were already all sorted.  But on the bottom was boxes of old clothes and shoes stacked on top of the boxes. Top shelf was just bits and pieces every where.  Old nappy bag that has gone in the bin.  It has done a fantastic job through two babies but is now falling apart.  There was also art supplies for my 3 year old.
Starting on the bottom of the wardrobe I put a bin for shoes. They do get tossed in and it's still neat and tidy and they can't stray.  Next to that is another bin for spare nappies and wipes.  When in use these live on the top of the chest of draws. So that was pretty easy to tidy. 

The top of the wardrobe took a bit longer. The boxes that were on the bottom of the wardrobe were full of old baby clothes.  So I got rid of some of the clothes. Some needed to go in bin, others I have given away. So these clothes now need something nice to be stored in.  I didn't want to spend a fortune on pretty boxes.  But I still wanted it to look pretty.  In the past I have always used old nappy boxes to store all my old baby clothes.  They work well and are usually the right size to put in the top of a wardrobe. So I decided to stay with what works.  I just got some wrapping paper and covered the front and down the sides a bit.  I didn't bother to cover the whole box as I won't be taking them out very often (probably the next time will be when I move house) but still want it to look nice when I open the cupboard.

For the label I laminated some pink paper.

 I attached it with sticky tape loops on the back.

 Then I wrote on the front with a white board marker so when I need to change it it's easy and cheap.

So thats the three boxes taken care of and I'm so happy how they turned out! The fourth box is a special  box. I call it a memory box.  It has things like my daughter's ID band from the hospital when she was born.  Cards from when she was born and birthday cards.  Her baby book etc. I'm yet to decorate it. I want to make something really pretty with her name on the front. Not sure what I'm going to do yet.

So there it is. It's all very pink and girly. But I love it every time I open the door!

With everything I organize I always try to think of the best way to do it so it stays organized and it's practical. Otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose.  How do you go with maintaining your cupboards?

Organized By. ..Renee

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